You can’t have smart cities without smart transportation: Sanjay Puri

Indian American entrepreneur Sanjay Puri is launching a connected car incubator called Auto Nebula, India’s first incubator dedicated to connected transport, in Pune, on Jan. 28-29.
The incubator will provide a range of incubation services, including seed funding, workshops conducted by global experts, mentor-ship and networking.
Puri, the chairman of the United States India Political Action Committee (USINPAC), sold and exited the IT services company Optimos, in 2014.

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Autonebula flags off incubation support for connected transport startups.

“If vehicles could communicate with other vehicles…there would be no accidents or deaths.”

That statement by Scott McCormick (President of the Connected Vehicle Trade Association of the US) set the tone for what Autonebula’s Connected Transport Conference 1.0 had set out to achieve.

For Sanjay Puri, founder of Autonebula, holding this first-of-its-kind conference was about creating an impact in India’s rapidly growing connected transport sector. As stated in an earlier report, given the severe challenges that India faces in the area of transportation which go beyond the hassles and dangers of urban commute and create significant supply chain inefficiencies, Connected Transport systems are something we needed yesterday.

The conference, therefore, aimed to bring together key stakeholders and give the fledgling industry a fillip by creating awareness about emerging trends, fostering debate on policy, and providing access to services as incubation, seed funding, mentorship and networking opportunities. Experts who spoke at the event (held in Pune on 28-29 January) highlighted several important areas where there was a lot of work to be done.

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