Autonebula & TiE are proud to announce Ignition Lab, Connected Car/Mobility Competition for startups.

Six finalists will compete before an audience of Auto Executives, Venture Capitalists, Angel Investors and Silicon Valley Technologists.


7 minutes for the pitch

3 minutes for Q&A

2 minute for transition

Highlights of Ignition Lab:

The contest is to identify entrepreneurs and startups from the Connected Transport eco system. The emphasis would be on Various products, reas of applications within the connected transport space:– Vehicle Management, Traffic Management, Vehicle Logistics, elematics, Navigation, Cybersecurity, Infotainment, and Data Analytics.

About TiE:

Founded in Silicon Valley in 1992, TiE (www.tie.org) is a global nonprofit organization focused on fostering and enabling entrepreneurship through mentoring , educating, networking,
funding, and incubating.

TiECon Midwest invokes participation from fellow TiE chapters, top technology companies, venture capital firms, and service providers. For more info visit (www.tieconmidwest.org)

About AutoNebula:

We are a Business Accelerator focused on Connected Transport. We provide a range of incubation services, including seed funding, workshops conducted by global experts, mentorship and networking.


Opportunity for mentorship from big corporate executives and a cash award.

For More Information Please Contact
PSegal | Ph: 703-488-6988 | psegal@autonebula.com | www.autonebula.com
Sarah Myrand | Ph: 248-254-4043 | sarahm@kyyba.com | www.tieconmidwest.org


The Henry, 300 Town Center Dr., Dearborn, MI


27th October, 2016.


3:30 pm  to  5:00pm

*Company name

*Primary contact email

*When did you start / founding year?

*What is the Value Proposition?

Team size (Other than founders)

What is your business model and the primary lines of business?

Which sub-category would you classify your Business or Business Idea?

Who is your competition?

*What phase of business are you in

What is the stage of your product / solution?

What / How is the customer traction?

Estimated funding requirement

Web site URL

Contact Numbers

*What does your company do? (maximum 150 characters)

Core Team (Names, Profiles and What are their roles in the company)

What is the unique selling point of your company? (max. 2000 characters)

What is the Go-to-market / Sales strategy for your product / service?

Any other information?

URL for video/presentation


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